next-generation PostgreSQL
monitoring tool

Flexible self-contained PostgreSQL metrics monitoring/dashboarding solution


Advantages of PGWATCH

1-minute installation

when using Docker deployment

definable metrics

with Grafana and SQL metric definitions


no hidden costs and transparent development


Targeted at developers and casual DBA's, it couldn't be any easier to start montoring PostgreSQL metrics with pgwatch2 - just insert your connection strings via a simple Web interface and immediately profit from defaults tuned to most user's needs.


The default Docker image makes secure "over the Internet" access also easy as with according flags it's possible to enable SSL for all components and use non-default passwords.


  • Non-invasive setup, no extensions or superuser rights required for the base functionality
  • Intuitive metrics presentation using the Grafana dashboarding engine with optional Alerting
  • Lots of pre-configured dashboards and metric configurations covering all Statics Collector data
  • Easy extensibility by defining metrics in pure SQL (thus they could also be from business domain)
  • 4 supported data stores for metrics storage (PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Graphite, Prometheus)
  • Multiple configuration options (YAML, PostgreSQL, ENV) supporting both "push" and "pull" models
  • Possible to monitoring all or a subset of DBs of a PostgreSQL cluster
  • Global or DB level configuration of metrics/intervals
  • Server log error monitoring (when installed on DB server)
  • Kubernetes/OpenShift ready
  • PgBouncer, Pgpool2, AWS RDS and Patroni support
  • Internal health-check API to monitor metrics gathering status
  • Built-in security with SSL connections and password encryption
  • Very low resource requirements for the collector even when monitoring hundreds of DBs
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